About Us

Welcome to the Behind Bars Nation where………..

“ It’s a Lifestyle Thing!! 

The motto says it all …whether you chrome it, stretch it, strip it, or kick it. Whether you ride a cruiser, a bar hopper, a dresser, a sport bike, a stunt bike, a jet ski, a sea do, a bicycle, work at a bar, or even mentally trapped Behind Bars. It’s your image; it defines you. It’s what people remember about you. “IT’S A LIFESTYLE THING!!!” And a memorable lifestyle deserves memorable gear….                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Apparel from BEHIND BARS APPAREL, L.L.C..

Who Are We?

We established Behind Bars in 2002 to become a part of an industry that defines who we are and what we do. Our motive is simple: offer products and accessories to wear and use when riding, kicking it, or just hanging out. Riding, like any other leisure activity, is all about good friends, good times, and good memories. Our line of apparel makes it real: We strive to provide comfortable, durable clothing, and accessories that look good, feel good, and make a definite statement.

We Are People about People.

We have been promoting our products for 18 years – at various events, charities, parties, bashes – truly growing our business one person at a time to expand the BEHIND BARS NATION. We have tested and experimented with different vendors until we found the right partners and products. We always welcome your input.

We Are Committed to the Industry..

We want you to join us. Take some time, tour the site … check out the Gallery of photos from our events. Join our virtual family, share your thoughts, and stories. Visit the online store to browse and buy the apparel that fits who you are, and what your life behind bars is about.

Stop by often to see new event photos, read what other people have to say about Behind Bars Apparel, and to check out new products. In addition to our traditional designs, custom cuts and designs are coming soon.

Welcome to the Behind Bars Nation and we thank all of you for your support thus far.  At Behind Bars Apparel, L.L.C., we believe that your life and leisure activity, is not just a hobby but, it’s a lifestyle. We reflect that lifestyle in every one of our unique designs. Make it fun, make it last, make it memorable. After all “It’s a Lifestyle thing!!”